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Casa Bellissimi

House in Bellissimi right above Dolcedo
3 bedrooms
Maksymalna ilość osób: 6 + 1

Dostępność i ceny
  • Casa Bellissimi Dolcedo widok z tarasu
  • Casa Bellissimi Dolcedo pokój dzienny
  • Casa Bellissimi Dolcedo jadalnia
  • Casa Bellissimi Dolcedo sypialnia
  • Casa Bellissimi Dolcedo sypialnia
  • Casa Bellissimi Dolcedo Kominek
  • Casa Bellissimi Dolcedo kuchnia


In the old centre of Bellissimi lies the accommodations of the same name. Due to the nature of its location, it is necessary to carry your luggage over a distance of 60 metres, yet this assures you a quiet, traffic free zone in which you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Upon entering the apartment, one immediately notices the simply furnished, but generous lounge, upon which the small kitchen is attached to by a few stairs. By way of a stone staircase, one reaches the upper level, where two of the bedrooms are located. One continues even further up, by means of spiral stairs(hence, not so suitable for small children), into the third bedroom. Carrying on through the bedroom, you arrive at the roof balcony, with an unobstructed view of the entire Val-Prino valley, with all of its small villages, and letting one’s eyes continue roaming, the picturesque Dolcedo, until finally they come to rest on the shimmering blue of the sea. Starting out from Bellissimi, one encounters plentiful trails for hiking, biking or just meandering. It is only a 20-minute drive to the sandy beaches of Porto Maurizio and San Lorenzo al Mare. Ideal for those who want to relax.


  • Pomieszczenia

    • 1 pokój dzienny
      • 7 miejsc siedzących
    • 1 pokój dzienny
      • 7 miejsc siedzących
    • 1 sypialnia z łożem małżeńskim
    • 1 sypialnia z 2 łóżkami jednoosobowymi
    • 1 sypialnia z 2 łóżkami jednoosobowymi
    • 1 sypialnia z łożem małżeńskim
    • 1 kuchnia
    • 1 pomieszczenie gospodarcze
    • 1 prysznic/WC

    Teren zewnętrzny

    • Meble ogrodowe lub tarasowe
    • Taras
  • Wyposażenie wnętrza

    • Ogrzewanie centralne gazowe
    • Kominek

    Wyposażenie kuchni

    • Powierzchnia do gotowania
    • Lodówka
    • Ekspres do espresso


Dodatkowe informacje

turn the doorknob after opening the door with the key

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Opis okolicy: Dolcedo

DolcedoOrtDolcedo lies in the middle of the Prino Valley and is the municipality with third highest amount of land given over to olive cultivation in the province of Imperia (30% of its territory). As an ancient feudal estate of the Clavesana family, the town began its expansion in the thirteenth century, when the Bishop of Albenga entrusted the church of San Tommaso to the friars of Lerins, who encouraged olive cultivation. This was the period in which the water-mills were built: the population then began to move out of the higher districts towards the riverside areas, including today's main district, which was at that time known as "Piazza" because it was a market town.

DolcedoIn 1228, the feudal estate passed into the hands of the Republic of Genoa. The municipality became independent in 1613. In the alleyways of the old town centre, you can see the old artisan shops, while the ancient weights and measures marks are still visible in what is known as the "suttu munte" loggia. The buildings along the Prino and the single-span bridge are remaining signs of the town's former prosperity. The excellent acoustics of the main square make it an ideal place for the concerts and shows that take place on the black-and-white pavement outside the parish church of San Tommaso. Although of mediaeval origin, the church has a colourful eighteenth-century façade: a Baroque canopy frames the fifteenth-century portal. Deep blue Baroque decorations can also be admired inside the church; it also contains some precious works from the Genoese school, including some paintings of the Virgin Mary over the apse, which are attributed to the Carrega brothers. The bell tower is one of the highest in the region. Other monuments to be seen are the Saracen tower, the oratory of San Lorenzo and the church of San Domenico.

RipaltaIn the district of Ripalta there is a characteristic bridge that was once the only means of access to the town. During his childhood, the poet Giovanni Boine stayed in Lecchiore, a district ensconced among the olive groves.Excursions beginning in Dolcedo take you to some places of great natural interest, including Monte Faldo (1149 m.) as well as historic interest, such as Monte Folia, where archaeological finds have been made. The sanctuary of Lampedusa has for centuries been a destination for pilgrims. Dolcedo has a special court where elastic ball is played. For those who love horse-riding there are many riding schools in the area.

Opis miejscowości: Bellissimi

Bellissimi is a district of Dolcedo, surrounded by olive groves. Gently sloping hills, overgrown with olive trees, and traditionally terraced, dotted with typical mountain towns atop the picturesque Prino Valley lend a feeling of peace, quiet and seclusion to the area.


Bellissimi also carries the nickname "U paise di balui" - Il paese delle mongolfiere di carta - the village of the paper hot balloons. You will find further information on this at www.amicidibellissimi.it. A lovely village festival takes place annually at the beginning of September in that respect, where the whole village celebrates with its guests and lets the hot air balloons rise.



The traditional sport, Boccia, is of course taught to everyone here too.


The small mountain lakes, "AquaSanta", which beckon one to have a swim and a joint picnic during the summer, are found only a few kilometers away from Bellissimi.



Wycieczki do polecania: Wycieczki kulturalne:
Inne wycieczki:
  • Zakupy na promenadzie w Imperii, Diano Marina, Sanremo i w Alassio.
  • Nagrodzone wina winnicy 'La Rocca di San Nicolao' z Vermentino i Pigato.
  • Duża ilość restauracji, pizzerii, osterii, mniejszych wiejskich lokali etc.
  • Znawci mowią że z powodu jakości oliwki i jej dokładnego przerabiania najlepsza oliwa na całym świecie znajduje się w okolicach Imperii.

  • Na miejscu informujemy Państwo o tym gdzie można znaleźć najpiękniejsze plaże.
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